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Telecommunications Sector Security Reforms come into force

Telecommunications Sector Security Reforms come into force

24 September 2018

The Reforms have been introduced through the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2017, which commenced on 18 September 2018 and establish a regulatory framework to better manage security risks in the telecommunications industry.

Central to the effectiveness of the Reforms is the shared responsibility between Government and the telecommunications industry for ensuring the security of this critical infrastructure.

The Reforms create new security obligations for all carriers, carriage service providers and carriage service intermediaries providing services in Australia.

Carriers and nominated carriage service providers are required to notify the Government on proposed changes that reduce the security of networks and systems.

Regulated entities should be aware of what TSSR means for them and their associated obligations.

Further information about TSSR and how to submit notifications, is available on the Telecommunications Sector Security page on the Centre's website:

Regulated entities can contact the Centre on 02 5127 7387 if they have any queries about the application and operation of the Reforms.